Musical Milestones
Musical Milestones this week

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Len Mohnkern
Len Mohnkern

    These are the songs featured this week:

  • April 14 -- "I Gotta Go Get My Baby" - Teresa Brewer with Jack Pleis and His Orchestra (1955)
  • April 15 -- "All Through the Night" - Jo Stafford and Gordon McCrae (1950)
  • April 16 -- "When They Ring Dem Golden Bells For You and Me" - The Four Knights (1946)
  • April 17 -- "The Caissons Go Rolling Along" - Sousa's Band directed by John Philip Sousa (1918)
  • April 18 -- "Homework" - Helen Forrest with orchestra directed by Earle Hagen (1949)

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