Musical Milestones
Musical Milestones this week

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Len Mohnkern
Len Mohnkern

    These are the songs featured this week:

  • Nov 17 -- "Dance with a Dolly (with a Hold in Her Stocking)" - Evelyn Knight, with orchestra conducted by Comarata, and the Jesters (1944)
  • Nov 18 -- "The Varsity Drag" - Abe Lyman's California Orchestra, with vocal by Phil Neily (1928)
  • Nov 19 -- "Back in Your Own Back Yard" - Ruth Etting (1928)
  • Nov 20 -- "Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go with Friday on Saturday Night?" - Al Jolson (1916)
  • Nov 21 -- "Always" - The McGuire Sisters (1960)

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