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Bob, Len, and Dave sing 'School Days' with Bill Norris at the keyboard
Bob Snyder sings 'Heart of My Heart' with Bill Norris at the keyboard
David Washburn plays and sings 'South'
Len and Bob have fun singing 'Baby Face' with Bill Norris at the keyboard
Listen to Len Mohnkern sing 'It All Depends on You'
David Washburn plays 'St. Louis Blues' on his clarinet
Hear to whole gang join in on 'Yes Sir, That's My Baby'
Len and Bob sing 'Dinah' as Bill Norris accompanies on the keyboard
Len sings 'That's My Weakness Now' with Bob on trumpet, Dave on clarinet and Bill at the keyboard
Len sings 'My Time is Your Time' as Bob whistles and Bill plays the keyboard

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