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The music we played
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Music Log

Songs played 08-24-2013
07:05:36  Glory Road with Larry Scott
08:05:37  Outdoors with Luke Clayton
08:59:30  Luke Clayton close
09:00:00  El Shaddai Ministries
09:30:01  Childrens Bible Hour Classic
12:00:00  Rhythm Sweet and Hot
13:05:25  Anything Goes
14:05:24  With Plenty of Money and You - Tony Bennett
14:06:53  Unchained Melody (North-Zaret) - Floyd Cramer - ASCAP
14:10:09  Isle Of Capri - Frank Sinatra - ASCAP
14:12:33  I've Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts (Heatherton) - Danny Kaye - ASCAP
14:15:00  Bob Snyder Show
15:00:00  Saturday Date
19:00:00  Saturday Date
20:00:00  Bob Snyder Show
20:45:26  Something - Beatles - ASCAP
20:50:07  Apples and Bananas - Lawrence Welk
20:52:14  Loan Me Two Till Tuesday - Nat King Cole
20:54:49  MacArthur Park - Ray Conniff and The Singers - ASCAP
20:58:24  Music To Watch Girls By - Ray Conniff and The Singers - ASCAP
21:05:20  Glory Road with Larry Scott
22:05:19  Homecoming Radio
23:57:08  The Lord's Prayer - Perry Como


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